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Fingertip Pulse Oximeters: How These Small Devices Could Aid in the Battle of Coronavirus and More

Fingertip Pulse Oximeters: How These Small Devices Could Aid in the Battle of Coronavirus and More

COVID-19 crisis presents many difficulties and uncertainties in humans’ life. No medicine or device can completely eradicate the risk of it, but technologies like the finger pulse oximeters and thermometers are being used worldwide against this pandemic as diagnostic tools. These tools are doing a great job in early screening as an early signal about the risk of having Coronavirus before you realize it. As a result, these small fingertip oximeter devices are becoming an inexpensive part of everyday life. The oxygen finger sensor is potentially one of the most commonly used technologies in the fight against coronavirus. By using this small device, you can get to know if you have one of the  Covid-19 symptoms - less oxygen so that you can go for further testing for the confirmation and identification of the virus.

 What's a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Anyone who is suspected to have coronavirus should have their pulse checked on the fingertip pulse oximeter device even before Covid-19 testing. This is a small device that helps you to check the level of your blood oxygen levels and heart rate painlessly anytime, anywhere. This handy device can be clipped easily on the tip of your finger, ear, nose, or toe to measure the saturation of oxygen carried in your red blood cells. The results are displayed on a small display immediately. It also provides details of other basic functions that could analyze the symptoms of COVID-19 and affect the functionality of body organs.

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Get Results at the Tip of Your Fingers

The fingertip oximeter can show early signs of Covid-19. It cannot cure the virus but can help in curbing the spread of it. If you are using it for daily tracking of your Covid-19 symptoms, it can help you in making the right decision about whether you need to go to a hospital for further testing. It measures the level of oxygen saturation by determining your heart rate, oxygen saturation, arterial oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry), perfusion index, and other vital signs that have a relationship with any serious illness.

How the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Detects COVID-19 Symptoms

The fingertip pulse oximeter warns if you have coronavirus symptoms. Many COVID patients feel shortness of breath as their blood oxygen level drops to a dangerously low level. This condition could be hazardous as it may damage the lungs. Some COVID-19 patients feel shortness of breath because when the sacs of the lungs are inflamed by any virus, it makes it difficult to breathe. A small amount of oxygen in the lungs results in low blood transfer to every body organ and this condition called hypoxia can cause organ failure or individual death. The fingertip pulse oximeter measures the oxygen level in the blood, which could be useful to assess Coronavirus symptoms earlier. Earlier analysis means earlier treatment. Additionally, taking an oxygen finger reader continuously is important as it helps you to determine whether your condition is improving or declining. Therefore, the fingertip pulse oximeter has become a must-have device in all conditions in every home.

How Does It Work

When you clip the fingertip oximeter to your finger, a beam of shining light passes through your skin to notice the color and movement of your blood cells. This painless process determines blood saturation level and heart rate by noticing changes of light absorption in the blood. If blood cells are bright red, it means they are oxygenated but if they are dark red it means they are deoxygenated. The fingertip pulse oximeter compares red and black cells to find out the oxygen saturation percentage and heart rate.

Alarming Oxygen Level & Heart Rate

Once the fingertip pulse oximeter finishes measuring the oxygen levels, it displays its results on the monitor. In normal conditions, the oxygen level reading falls between 95-100 percent but in serious health conditions, this value may fall out of this range. Covid-19 patients’ oxygen level that falls below  50% is considered alarming, and they should seek medical advice immediately. While a normal resting heart rate falls between 60 -100 BPM, higher values may indicate the cardiovascular system is deteriorating.  

Accuracy & Precision: Defining the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Apart from easy applicability and portability, accuracy and precision are two important factors to consider when thinking of purchasing the best finger pulse oximeter. To find a highly accurate pulse oximeter is difficult as a plethora of options (low to high cost) is available in the market from various brands and manufacturers as they all claim accuracy with every reading. Do not fall for these fake claims; just choose a branded pulse oximeter that should have hospital-grade technology and features. The fingertip pulse oximeter should be approved by the FDA for standard and technological advancements. 

Dr Trust - Making Fingertip Pulse Oximeters Buying Easy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

More and more people are buying a fingertip pulse oximeter to detect coronavirus symptoms. If you do not have one and are considering of purchasing one, you can find a good deal online at Dr Trust website. The Dr. Trust USA Professional Series is USFDA and CE approved for accuracy. It determines SpO2 levels, perfusion index and pulse rate accurately. A hospital-grade quality ensures to provide accurate readings with every measurement. It has a silicon finger chamber to make placement comfortable. The rotatable multidirectional display makes it able to view results in any direction. Additionally, its single-button operation offers ease of use. If you are budget conscious, Dr. Trust USA Signature Series Pulse Oximeters could be a good choice as they are affordable yet highly accurate.

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