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No time to hit the gym: Here are quick 6 Calorie burning tips

No time to hit the gym: Here are quick 6 Calorie burning tips

No time to hit the gym: Here are quick 6 Calorie burning tips


It’s a myth that only working out in a gym can get you rid of those extra calories. To your surprise, even the smallest effort at home or the workplace can make a huge difference. If you don’t have time or access to a gym, check out these simple incredible tips that can help you burn some extra calories.

  1. How about kicking off calories while watching TV?


While enjoying watching TV on your bed and laying on your back, you can follow these simple exercises any time to kick off some Calories: 

  • Hip Raises 
  • Leg Raises
  • Bridges 
  • Leg Circles
  • Sit and Twist 
  • Oblique Twists
  • Knees to Chest 
  • Side Leg Lifts 
  • Air Cycling


  1. Have you ever thought that kitchen could be your workout place?


Especially for homemakers with a busy schedule, it is a task to take some time off for a workout. On average, it takes one and a half hours to prepare all 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) in a day. So you can perform the following exercises simultaneously in between the time you get during the preparation of your meals:

  • Squatting
  • Calf raising
  • Lunges
  • Wall sits
  • Countertop pushups


  1. A straight good sitting posture


Sitting at the workplace is unavoidable but improving the posture and sitting straight will keep the muscles of the upper body, back, and shoulder engaged and help burn those extra calories because the body is making an extra effort to maintain that posture. 


Additionally, it is good for the digestive tract, prevents as well as relieves backache, cervical pain, and related issues.


  1. Motivational time marker water bottles instead of a normal water bottle

Increase your daily water intake with trending motivational time marker water bottles (3 liters for men and 2 liters for women is recommended on an average) and reduce your calorie intake. 

For sustainable weight loss, having two cups of water before meals will enhance weight loss in combination with a hypocaloric diet.1


Preferably switch to detox liquids infused with ginger, lemon, and mint to boost your calorie-burning process.


  1. Get Fidgety


Tapping your foot, tapping fingers on a table, shaking your leg, and blinking your eye might be irritating to the next person but an effective Calorie losing process for your body. It is categorized under No exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), which is a significant part of the daily energy expenditure process. 


Fidgeting feet can burn up to 129 Calories while a fidgeting hand can burn up to 93 Calories in an hour. It might be interesting to know that fidgeting in combination with walking and standing can burn up to 2000 Cal.2 


Therefore, the uncontrolled movements of limbs are beneficial from that perspective. 


  1. Chew gum


Chewing gum has been proven to burn approx. 50 calories in a day, simultaneously control cravings and limit extra Calorie intake.


Sugar-free chewing gum with non-caloric sweetener over a regular chewing gum can reduce 10 extra Calories while maintaining oral health. 


Count the  exercise Time, Steps, Distance, Speed, burned calories on your smart phone with Dr Trust USA Healthpal Smart Watch Fitness Tracker 8002




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