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Nurecaanalyzer 20 Semi Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

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AutoAnalyzer for Drugs, Enzymes & Biochemical Investigations

CE ISO9001:2000 ISO13485:2003 Approved


  • Big Wide Touch Panel Display
  • Inbuilt 20 position incubator
  • Temperature 25 Degree, 30 Degree, 37 Degree Celcius
  • Facility for End Point, Fixed Time, Multistandard
  • Differential, Biochromatic, and Immunoturbidimetric.
  • Measuring Range 0-3.000 OD
  • Over 200 Programs
  • 1000 Test result storage capacity
  • Windows XP/2000 Software (Optional)
  • Facility for Manual Cuvette Mode
  • Real-time graph display
  • New improved user-friendly Software

Technical Specifications:

Reading: Both flow-through cell & direct cuvette.

Aspiration Volume: 200μl - 800μl

Incubator: 20 Incubating Positions

Light Source: 6V/10W halogen lamp

Wavelength Accuracy: +- 2nm

Temperature: 25 Degree C, 30 Degree C, 37 Degree C

Temperature Precision: +-0.1 Degree C

Method: End Point, Fixed time, Multi-Standard, Differential, Bichromatic, and Immunoturbidimetric

Measuring Range: 0~3.000 O.D.

Measuring Linearity: +-2% (0~3.000 O.D.)

Photometric Linearity: +-1% (0~3.000 O.D.)

Carry-Over: <1%

Drift: <0.005 O.D./hr

Quality Control: Excellent Q.C. function, Q.C. chart may be displayed and printed

Display: Back-illuminated LCD

Storage: Over 200 programs

Data Storage: 1000 test result

Printer: Built-in Thermal Printer

Software: Window XP/2000 (Optional)

Power Supply: Ac 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Interface: RS-232 Serial port for additional PC

Dimensions: 34cm X 38cm X 18 cm

Weight: 8.0 Kg