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IMPORTANT: Covid 19 disruptions, please click here for more info

Dr Trust USA Fast Active Oil (Pack of 2)

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In The Box: Bottle of Fast Active Oil

Highlighted Features

  • PAIN MANAGEMENT OIL- Dr Trust Fast Active oil is a wonderful choice if you are seeking for thorough pain relief. It provides quick healing from all types of aches.
  • NATURAL WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS- This pain relief oil is made up of all natural ingredients which makes it safe to use with no side effects.Each of these ingredients have a unique role in healing aches.
  • EFFECTIVE ON MUSCULAR PAIN- The oil is made to soothe headaches and back pain. It is meant for healing muscular pains.  
  • EFFECTIVE ON JOINT PAINS- It is made to heal the aches in joints such as shoulder, ankle, wrist, knee, elbow and neck.
  • PRESENT INGREDIENTS- The ingredients include Panchguna oil, Mahanarayan oil, Wintergreen oil, Eucalyptus oil, terpentine oil, Camphor oil and Menthol oil.
  • NON STICKY AND NON GREASY- The fast active oil is really convenient to use without creating any mess as it is non sticky and does not exert any stains.
  • PLEASANT FRAGRANCE- The Fast Active oil does not have a pungent smell which makes it tolerable to use.
  • BENEFICIAL FOR CHRONIC PAINS- The oil proves to be useful for the people who workout, sports person and the people ageing. With age body aches become common and it is important to nurture them. Fast active oil is a perfect solution for chronic aches in all ages.      

With age chronic pains become a major part of your existence. They being stubborn, never seem to leave you alone. Be it shoulder, neck, wrist, ankle,elbow or knee, the pain in any body part is too excruciating to tolerate. Dr Trust brings to you Fast Active oil as a perfect solution for body aches. It is a pain management oil made up of natural ingredients, each of which has a unique healing effect on the body aches. The ingredients include Panchguna oil which relieves osteoarthiritis, Mahanarayan oil which is useful in strengthening bones and joints, Wintergreen oil which is known to relieve rheumatism and arthiritis, Eucalyptus oil has a huge benefit in relieving muscle pains, terpentine oil which is a good pain reliever, Camphor oil and Menthol oil which is an effective stimulant and relieves headache respectively. This non sticky and non greasy pain relieving oil is very easy and convenient to use. You just have to take 5-10 mL of it on the palm of your hand, Rub for 5-6 seconds and then gently massage the aching area. Ensure that you don’t use it on open wounds and burns. This is a perfect choice for the people suffering from chronic pains like old people, the sports person and the people who workout.