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Dr Trust USA Aquacare Oral Irrigator 315 Water Flosser

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In The Box : Oral Irrigator + Four Nozzles Tip + Charger Cable + User Manual


3 Modes for Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning with 1800 times/min water jet pulse. Standard, Gentle and Massage modes are there to meet all oral care demands of different people. Reach easily to the hard-to-reach plaque & stubborn tartar.

Rechargeable, Cordless & Portable

Green indicator light flashes during charging. Powerful 1400 mAh lithium battery can be recharged through the USB plug. Small and light weight flosser easy to carry along while travelling.

300 ml Capacity + Waterproof

300 ml water capacity is pretty good. Runs for a longer time for cleaning your teeth efficiently. Throws water with 220ml/min flow rate & 30-100 psi pressure range. Its IPX7 grade body is waterproof.

4 Standard Jet Tips  

Excellent cleaning of implants & crowns etc which comes with 360°rotating long nozzle with 4 replacement classic jet tips which are easy to replace. Rotate the jet tip dial in order to adjust it for easy use.

Easy Usage + Memory Function

One-button control switch & memory function. Smart indicator light confirms which mode has chosen. When switching it back ON, the mode will be the same as when the device was switched off.

Innovative Design

Seal on charging interface makes it safe. Just keep pressing the power button for continuous water flow. Lock button, water tank, battery power display light are a few other innovative features.

Automatic OFF & Portable

Portable & designed for everyone. Fast charging & switch off automatically after operating for 120 seconds. Cordless so convenient to use anywhere, anytime.


If you are looking for the best portable water flosser for maintaining oral hygiene, buy Dr Trust Oral Irrigator Pro- 315. Its advanced features address all kind of hygiene concerns that you have. It cleans up dental implants, plaque buildups and braces efficiently and provides many other benefits.  It has different pressure settings so that you can choose the right pressure as per your convenience. It is easy to use as its light indicator system makes it a great choice for those who have never used this kind of device earlier. It comes with 4 flossing jet tips so that everyone in your family can have their own flossing jet tip. It has removable water tank with 300 ml water storage capacity to ensure flossing for long enough. Its memory function will store the same water pressure mode and remains same whenever you turn it ON again.  


  • Features the standard, gentle and massage modes.
  • 300 ml water reservoir to provide enough and uninterrupted oral dental flossing.
  • After operating for 120 seconds the oral irrigator will automatically switch off.
  • The battery indicator flashes during charging. Also, indicates when the battery is low.
  • Cordless and safe to use in shower & bathtub.
  • 1800 times/min high-pressure water pulse
  • IPX7 Waterproof Water Flosser
  • Portable water flosser.
  • Suitable for home use and travel.
  • One-button control switch.
  • Best for family- Children, aged and adults, all can use.
  • Comes with 4 nozzles to meet different needs.
  • 2 Minutes automatic power off.
  • 30-100 PSI pressure range
  • 220ml / min water flow rate
  • 100-240V power requirements
  • Easy to rotate Jet tip dial in order to adjust the use or water direction of water flow.
  • Package includes:
  1. Electric water flosser
  2. Charging Cable
  3. 4pcs replace tips


Dr Trust Oral Irrigator Pro- 315


Designed to deliver strong and targeted water jets (up to 1800 pulses per minute) through a specialized jet tip for powerful dental care. The strong & forceful water jets remove bacteria and debris effectively. This high-pressure water washes away plaques, bits of food and bacteria which may damage teeth and gums


It is easy to recharge and handle. Equipped with 5 W motor, it can be powered by 1400 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. It is easy to recharge through the USB cable or a DC 5V adaptor. Green indicator light starts flashing when you plug in to charge it. It also displays when battery is low. It can be used up to 14 days after one full charge of 4 hours. 


It has a 300 ml large detachable water tank for a long-time cleaning with doing continuous water flossing. The tank is easy to fill and clean. Its top opening design allows easy cleaning for maintaining hygiene and preventing scaling deposits and bacteria etc. 2 minutes automatic off avoids unnecessary working and battery consumption after cleaning


There are three modes to personalize your water jet density and flossing as per your requirement. Normal Mode can be chosen for cleaning of plaques, Soft Mode for sensitive teeth and Pulse Mode for massaging gums. Equipped with memory function that allows you to set your favorite mode for quick start whenever you restart it


Pressure settings is a boon for those who have sore teeth, sensitive gums and implants etc. There are 3 modes and each mode setting deliver water with different pressure ranges between 30-100 psi with a flow rate of 220 ml/min. Adjustable pressure setting makes this oral irrigator more family friendly as each user can adjust it as per their comfort and need


Allows to adjust the flow and direction of water. A 360-degree rotating tip is making it much easier to clean the hard-to-reach areas (back of your mouth or teeth). It works effectively if you have heavy plaque buildup in these areas. There are four classic jet tips to provide own tip for each family member. Different color on tip allows to choose each user their separate tip


Made for easy and safe use! Innovative IPX7 waterproof flosser can be used in the shower and bathtub as it features a seal on charging interface. You just need keep pressing the power button for continuous water flow. Lock button, water tank, battery power display light and low sound are a few other innovative features.

Complete Package

It is perfect for use anytime, anywhere. Its package includes; an electric water flosser, charging cable, 4 jet tips. It can be carried easily in your luggage for usage during travelling.

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