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Supercharge your core and sculpt your Abs with Dr Trust Abs Roller Wheel - drtrust

Supercharge your core and sculpt your Abs with Dr Trust Abs Roller Wheel

Workout is essential to maintain a fit and healthy body, mind and soul. If you are someone who likes to stay fit, active and lean, you probably know the importance of having the right fitness gear. While exercising, if one uses the right products, both the quality and intensity of their workout increases.

For fitness enthusiasts, just any other fitness gear won’t do. A fitness gear should be solid, durable and compact so that you can use it easily. If you are someone who likes to work your abs out for a lean, ripped stomach, then this article is for you. For abs workout, every fitness enthusiast relies on different products like an ab roller wheel to strengthen the surface muscles of your stomach.

Fitness - Supercharge your core and sculpt your Abs with Dr Trust Abs Roller Wheel

If you are working hard to get them washboard abs, it’s time to invest in a quality abs roller to supplement your workout. To help you get to your goals, it’s time to choose the right ab roller wheel made by Dr. Trust USA. This wheel is specifically designed to be ergonomic and comfortable while working out. The handles of this abs roller wheel from Dr. Trust are padded with EVA foam which means you get a better grip to prevent slippage while working out. 

The construction of the Dr. Trust USA AB blaster roller abs wheel is designed to offer superior stability and balance for fitness enthusiasts. It weighs just 450g making it super portable and lightweight to carry with you on your workout regime. This ab roller wheel from Dr. Trust USA consists of a high standard rubber wheel making it a brilliant and a must-have machine for fitness enthusiasts and gym goers.

Made from a combination of top quality materials like TPR + PP + Stainless Steel + NBR, the roller wheel is suitable for heavy duty abs workout. So, if you are working hard to get your abs out, don’t miss out on this ergonomically designed abs roller wheel. With its superior design, lightweight body and high-density Ergonomically Designed  knee pad, you get better and maximum grip and protection on the floor while working out.

One of the best tools for fitness lovers, buy this Dr. Trust AB blaster roller wheel to supercharge your abs workout today! It will help you in enhancing and maximizing your performance at a gym and will also ensure safety and security for your body while working out. On top of it, its padded handles that are made of superior grade foam help in reducing hand fatigue, giving you more room and strength to work on your abs and helping you avoid muscle fatigue.

An abs roller wheel is a must have addition to your workout, especially if you are working hard to get six or eight packs. Plus, an ab roller wheel not only just works on your ab muscles; it also strengthens and stabilizes your shoulders, hips, triceps and tailbone.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the right choice for your fitness goals and get yourself the Dr. Trust AB blaster roller wheel today!

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